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Container Desiccant Bag: Powerful moisture absorber. Protects products from humidity and moisture damage, is Non-toxic, and reusable.

UNICORN INFRA is backed by over 12 years of experience in commercial, industrial, and energy desiccant applications. We carry a large inventory of desiccants for both liquid and gaseous adsorption. Our global clientele depends upon us for our high standard of customer service along with world-class quality products. Silica gel is majorly used in applications of moisture absorption in large varied products ranging from domestic FMCG to medical, electronics, shoe packaging, and air compression system. On an industrial scale for a very long time period silica gel is being used to prevent system breakdowns in locomotives and industrial operations. Also, compressed air systems with moisture absorption are needed to prevent the degradation of signals transmitting through high-capacity and satellite transmitters. over 12 years of experience over 12 years of experience UNICORN INFRA has been successful in building trusted long-term relations with our valuable clients. Our belief in our vision is fuelled by a strong team of skillful employees due to which we are able to build a strong foundation of a successful company.

Silica Gel Desiccant indiamart-unicorninfra

Vadodara | Container Desiccant Bag | Moisture Absorbing Silica Gel

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    Silica Gel Desiccant indiamart-unicorninfra

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